Jail Officer

No prior certification required to apply
Shift: Full-Time
Education: High School
Physical Requirement: Must be at least 20 years of age
Pay Rate: $47,897 – $52,400 ($23.03 – $25.19/hour)

Job Description:

Performs professional difficult level correctional work involved in the supervision of criminal and sometimes violent offenders remanded to the custody of the RSW. Work is performed in accordance with established policy, procedure and practices with general supervision.


Manage, supervise, direct and meet the needs of the adult population remanded to the custody of the RSW jail; enforcing rules and regulations; prepare, reports, files and maintain records.

  • Conduct necessary interviews and screenings;
  • Perform work related to ensuring safety and security and responds to emergencies;
  • Investigate complaints and minor infractions by inmates;
  • Serve as member of inmate disciplinary hearings;
  • Protect crime scenes;
  • Maintain accountability of all equipment and inmates assigned and conducts inventories and physical counts of persons, equipment, and supplies;
  • Control issue and removal of inmate property in the facility;
  • Conduct periodic checks and inspections of inmate accessible areas for the purposes of maintaining a healthy environment, enforcing regulations, and removing prohibited items and contraband;
  • Conduct physical inspections of all RSW property both fixed and mobile to ensure the safety and security of the facility, staff and inmates;
  • Inspect RSW security devices to include locks, keys, alarm system, radio’s, furnishings, electronic systems and vehicles;
  • Take immediate action on any potential security or safety issues and reports safety and security deficiencies to supervisors immediately;
  • Maintain activity logs and other records as directed;
  • Escort inmates as needed;
  • Provide direct security and supervision for civilian staff and visitors inside and outside the facility;
  • Communicate with inmates and assists them with requests and necessary needs;
  • Distribute and collects cleaning and any other necessary items to inmates;
  • Apply use of force tactics as required in accordance with training and RSW policies and procedures;
  • Apply first responder technics including First Aid, CPR and AED as needed;
  • Conduct all duties in accordance with policy, procedure, training, general practice or legal directive from a superior officer;
  • Perform duties in compliance with all Federal, State, and Local laws;
  • Supervise inmate programs, work assignments and activities;
  • Conduct physical searches in accordance with training and policy;
  • Review and properly responds to all written directives;
  • Supervise inmates in the presence of Kitchen staff, Medical Staff, programs volunteers, maintenance staff, and all others performing official duties;
  • Perform all duties in accordance with RSW policy and Procedures, Virginia Department of Corrections standards, PREA standards and all regulations as directed;
  • Perform related tasks as required.

Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and methods of duties and responsibilities of a correctional officer in an adult correctional facility; ability to effectively communicate with a diverse population remanded to the RSW; working knowledge of the Virginia Department of Corrections minimum standards for local and regional jails; ability to maintain VADCJS Jail Officer certification; ability to operate technically complex security systems and equipment; ability to operate motorized equipment as assigned; ability to meet short and long term organizational goals and objectives; ability to effectively establish good working relationships with co-workers, external organizations, contacts and the general public; ability to effectively communicate using the English language; ability to perform and work effectively while supporting the goals, visions and directives of the RSW and the ability to establish and maintain First Aid, CPR and AED certifications.

Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school; possess a Driver’s License valid to operate a motor vehicle in Virginia. Must have or be able to attain VADCJS Jail Officer/Deputy Certification within one year of employment.

Must be at least 20 years of age. This is medium to heavy work requiring the exertion of force including but not limited to, standing and walking for long periods of time, picking up and moving heavy objects, climbing stairs and ladders, balancing, stooping, crouching, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, grasping, and repetitive motions; use of physical force and deployment of force equipment as needed; effective vocal communication, hearing and vision is required.

Regular exposure to pre-trial, and post-conviction inmates makes position susceptible to violent and unpredictable behavior.

This is a class description and not an individualized job specification. The class description defines the general character and scope of duties, responsibilities, and requirements of all positions in one job classification, but is not all inclusive or totally restrictive. Reasonably related duties and responsibilities may be assigned as necessary at the discretion of management. Employees will be immediately notified of any changes. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable qualified individuals with a disability to perform the essential functions.

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