Rappahannock Shenandoah Warren Regional Jail

Newly incarcerated inmates will be allowed to have the below listed undergarments brought in during the first eight (8) days of incarceration.  Inmate garments will only be accepted Monday-Friday 10:00AM to 4:00PM.  Items must be in unopened manufacturer packaging.

  • Underwear, white in color, limit five (5)
  • Socks, white in color, limit five (5) pair
  • T-shirts, crew-neck type, white in color (no pockets, logos or tank tops), limit five (5)
  • Sports Bras (females), white only, limit three (3), no under-wire, or metal fasteners
  • Thermal underwear, white, no union suits, limit 2 sets

Prescription glasses, contact lenses and solution will be allowed once approved by Medical staff. Prescription glasses can be metal framed, however, generic reading glasses must be plastic framed.