Rappahannock Shenandoah Warren Regional Jail


Superintendent Russell W. Gilkison 575x800
Russell W. Gilkison

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Jail Location and Mailing Address:
6601 Winchester Road
Front Royal, VA 22630


Main Number
(540) 622-6097 or
(540) 622-8678
Inmate Accounts
(540) 622-5015
Administration Fax
(540) 622-2846

(540) 622-8620 or 
(540) 622-8683
Booking Fax 
(540) 636-3342

Records Department
(540) 622-5024
Records Fax
(540) 631-0704

Medical Department
(540) 622-5038
Medical Fax
(540) 636-3358

Community Custody
(540) 622-5032
Community Custody Fax
(540) 631-0933

Employment Opportunities

Payroll/Accounts Payable Specialist
Company: RSW Regional Jail
Pay Rate: Starting at $34,074.00

Licensed Practical Nurse
Company: RSW Regional Jail
Pay Rate: $25. - $30 Hourly DOE/DOQ

Medication Aide/CNA
Company: RSW Regional Jail
Pay Rate: DOE/DOQ

Transportation Officer: Part -Time - Current VADCJS Jail Officer/Deputy certification required
Company: RSW Regional Jail
Pay Rate:  $16 per hour

Jail Officer
Company: RSW Regional Jail
Pay Rate: $41,373 - $43,468 DOE

General and Legal Correspondence

Inmates can receive personal and legal correspondence while at RSW. There is no restriction on the amount an inmate can send or receive. All mail must have the following; the inmate’s first and last name, the senders first and last name with a return address. All mail will be inspected for contraband.

The following items are not authorized and will not be accepted;
 Substances on the envelope or letter (white out, glue, glitter, stickers, lipstick, perfume, cologne, liquid stains)
 Letters and/or contents written with, or containing, but not limited to; colored ink (other than blue or black), colored pencils, colored markers, crayon or paint.
 Greeting cards (handmade or purchased), or post cards.
 Stamps, blank stationary, or stamped envelopes
 Plastic cards or book marks
 Gang related material or photos
 Cash or Checks
 Money orders (unless addressed directly to "Inmate Accounts Clerk")
 Photos of nude or partially clothed persons
 Items glued, stapled, or taped to letters or envelopes
 Magazine pages, newspaper clippings, book pages (original or copies)
 More than five (5) photos in an envelope, photos larger than 4”X 6” or polaroid type
 Bank statements, credit card information, or personal identification
 Packages not pre-approved by the Captain of Security
 Bulk mail
 Markers, pens, crayons, or pencils included in the envelope
 Drawings, artwork, handmade portraits (original or copies) containing, but not limited to; colored ink (other than blue or black), colored pencils, colored markers, crayon or paint.
 Personal subscriptions (to include: magazines, books, newspapers, newsletters, etc.)
 Brochures, flyers, or coupons.

Illegal items discovered in the inmate’s incoming mail will be seized. Any item sent to an inmate that is not accepted at RSW and is not illegal will be returned to the sender. If a letter has an unauthorized item or items enclosed that are considered contraband, the entire envelope will be returned to sender.